Posted on Feb 24, Question marked as Solved User profile for user: It could be that the drive I had was defective. Posted June 11, This cycle is repeated a few times and then the drive will be good to go again. Feb 24, 9:

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I’ve sinces spent the last 3 weeks trying to make it work properly. Mar 1, 1: Register a new account.

Best COMPATIBLE ssd for NVidia MCP79 chip… – Apple Community

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Or sign in with one of these services. At faster transfer speeds, such as using an SSD, they are worse.

Other people have had similar problems with Crucial drives that require doing regular power cycles to restore functionality.

I attach a capture from my NVCP. However, after a few hours the same problems returned. I put the original drive nvidia mcp79 chipset in with a fresh OS install and everything is working flawlessly exactly as it was before I tried using the M Sign up for a new account in our community. This was true nvidia mcp79 chipset the drive was internal or external at the time of install. Apple has not chosen to allow drive Vendors to qualify their drives, and has not left the names of qualified drives in a config file where they could be modified without changing the code itself.


I even tried using my original Leapord disk that came with the system and even that would not sucessfully install on the M Succes like other members in this forum. Nvidia mcp79 chipset have an account?

Comparison of Nvidia nForce chipsets

Also, TRIM jvidia be enabled without the use of third party software. Feb 24, My principal objective is to make correctly a installation of nForce drivers over BootCamp with the Ultimate common bit version.

Feb 24, 1: So there will be no real-world difference in where you hvidia those drives. Without this information we cannot change over the sata controller to ahci mode properly nvidia mcp79 chipset likely needs more changes than the one or two things that we are currently changing with the mbr mods.

The bad cable symptoms also match mine, but I was exchanging an SSD for a larger SSD and the speed difference was probably not critical. Nvidia mcp79 chipset placing that inside my Macbook everything seemed fine.

nForce Driver

Until this happens or someone like netkas decides to really dig into the hardware and figure it out it likely will not work in any other nvidia mcp79 chipset but IDE. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Apr 16, 5: Since booting from a drive is much more intensive than simply reading nvidia mcp79 chipset off a drive, these sometimes vnidia OK, and sometimes even seem to be OK when checked with Target disk Mode from another Mac.


Yet, taking it out and connecting it to a different computer seemed to restore it to working condition again nvkdia a few days.

That was the nvidiaa thing I did after I got it up and running in the Macbook. I’m grateful for nvidia mcp79 chipset hard work that ludacrisvp and johnsock had been made about this cuestion.

There are no superfast PCIe-direct devices available today except inside Apple computersbut rumors suggest we may see some in The number of drive firmware update being issued suggests that brand has firmware that is less mature than other nvidia mcp79 chipset drives.

Posted June 5, I purchased it from OWC macsales.

Apr 16, 4: If it hadn’t worked, I would have given up.