Battery 2 steps Keyboard 4 steps Display 5 steps. While still holding the latches out, use your thumbs to slide the battery out towards you. The laptop pictured comes with a palm rest attached to the battery case. September 17, 3: Use a plastic opening tool to unhook the blue latch that secures the keyboard cable.

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And now this one, has something wrong witj tje monitor. Working from right to left, unsnap the power button cover and lift it from the laptop. While tracing the path of the cable back to the display, unhook the katitude from the tabs of the body using latituee spudger. With the battery removed, turn the laptop face up and open the lid a complete degrees. If you are following this portion of the guide as a part of replacing the touchpad or the speaker, this step is NOT needed.

Battery 2 steps Keyboard 4 steps Display 5 steps. Using the Phillips 0 screwdriver, remove each of the six screws M2.


Dell Latitude D630 Parts

This is the 3rd computer I bought in 3 weekz time. Step 9 Unscrew the 2 2mm x 3mm screws at the top of the screen. August 19, 9: Do I actually have to replace the entire monitor?

August 18, 1: Regardless, the steps are exactly the same. Unscrew the 6 2.

Dell Latitude D630 LCD

layitude All 3 of tjem had something wrong. August 22, 9: Dell Laptop Replacement Parts Needed. God, just make sure it works already. Find and remove the display’s ribbon cable by gently pulling on the blue tab indicated in the picture.

Dell Latitude D Display Replacement – iFixit Repair Guide

Before buying parts it is important to atleast find out the cable part number to insure you order the correct resolution screen.

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order with your new display.

Jon Amireh Member since: I really hope this works. Only 4 left in stock – order soon.

This part may not latigude present on your laptop. Small – px Medium – px Large – px. Tools needed for this laptop repair 1 x small phillips head screw driver 1 x small plastic scribe.


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Before you begin Please take the time read the following safety guidelines when working on static sensitive electrical components. Put the rubber pads aside in a labeled container.

Had to return that. Using the spudger, peel off the 6 circular rubber pads on the display to reveal the bezel screws beneath them. Use a plastic opening tool to unhook the blue latch that secures the keyboard cable. September 17, 3: Once the r630 is dislodged, you can let go of the latches and remove the battery.

Place these screws in a labeled container as they are different than the bezel screws.

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