Quality The recognized quality and reliability of our products and services. Which operating system is Dualys3 compatible with? What type of magnetic data can be encoded? What is the difference between the black mono ribbon and the Black Wax ribbon? Contact your IT Manager for more information.

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Can I encode smart or contactless cards using the Ethernet port?

Driver & Firmware for Your Evolis Dualys 3 ID Card Printer

Each print head has a specific part number. What’s more, featuring a utilitarian form factor, the Evolis Dualys 3 uses the most effective amount of desk space necessary to get your printing jobs done.

For double-sided color printing, the Evolis Dualys 3 stands out from the crowd as one of the fastest duayls in its category, providing high-quality graphics, whether in color or in monochrome. Printers with a LPT port models before Pebble4 can be networked via a print server.

Eco-responsibility Evolis’ environmental policy at all levels of the company. For the card thickness a manual gauge will allow you to use cards from 0. To develop your own application s and monitor all Evolis printers, a development kit is available for download, which provides you with all the tools, escape commands, DLL dualyx code samples that you require.


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FAQ Dualys 3

My ribbon gets cut. The printed colors are different from what I see dualjs my screen. How can commands be sent to the printer?

It is replaced evoils the Evolis Primacy. Dualys3 – How to clean the interior of the printer? Yes, it is possible to upgrade your printer with a magnetic, contactless or smart encoder. What does it mean? Does Evolis printers support print head from other models?

Your questions about Dualys 3 card printer | Evolis

This issue may arise from a dirty or faulty print head. Highlights Includes a free 6-month subscription to CloudBadging: Can I print on transparent cards?

However, the original printer head, installed in the printer when manufactured benefits from the warranty period evplis the printer. Contact our support team. With its double-sided printing engine, the Dualys 3 rises to meet any ID need the user may have. Cards are not being fed. Contact our training team Need help?

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Print many high-quality picture IDs or membership cards with the innovative thermal technology on the Evolis Dualys 3. How can I install and configure a ribbon?

Any product with the old serial number format eg: If you are using cards from another manufacturer, please check up on the specifications. Dual-sided direct-to-card printer ideal for mid to high volume card printing applications Special features: Excellent quality This card printer is duaoys. This ribbon is useful and cost-effective if the color-printed area of your layout is no bigger than a logo or an ID picture.

If the issue remains even ebolis checking these points, please contact your Evolis reseller or distributor. LED s of the control panel are on.

Is there a programming guide available?