When an immediate transaction is not possible, a cached transaction is executed. Therefore, when a player presents a suspicious or a very large sum winning ticket for redemption, the cashier after entering the identification code printed on the ticket by scanning the barcode printed on the ticket simply keys-in the security number or one of the security numbers available on the back of the ticket, which security number is immediately processed at the central database. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab. If no reasons exist for not doing so, when the presented cashless ticket is scanned, the first timeout is reset to its initial value as shown at and the method reverts to step whereupon the player goes to a selected gaming machine to key-in the identification code. When an empty cashless payment instrument is presented to a gaming terminal, a message displayed on the screen may indicate that the credit associated with the cashless payment instrument is depleted and that the cashless payment instrument should be discarded in a trash receptacle, for example, in the case of a printed ticket. The most common cause of transaction failure may be caused by the remote server failing to timely respond with an acknowledgment of the transaction, for whatever reason including, for example, a failure at some point along the communication path outside the STB , ,

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The security numbers primter be printed frequently at regular intervals on the paper spool, for example every 10 cm, such that each printed ticket may have at least one security number readable on the back of the ticket.

CyberView Cst7001-00004 USB Ticket Printer

Back to home page. The content of the trusted cache may be encrypted or digitally signed, in order to prevent tampering during the transaction recovery process, by service people for example if the present STB, is sent for repair or service. A method according to claim 32, wherein when the redemption enabling step is rejected, and if forgery is established, further carrying out a step of canceling the issued ticket.

It is to be noted that as analog video sources are rapidly disappearing, digital interfaces will become the standard interface for all TV and data displays. Field of the Invention This invention relates generally to the field of pay computer-controlled games, either games of skills or games of chance, and more particularly to the field of cashless payment.


The method of claim 9, further including a step of providing the stored confirmed acknowledgment upon request. When a player is playing on a gaming terminal, the second level lifetime clock may be frozen until the cash out button is pressed.

United States Patent Alternatively, the printed ticket may be inserted in another gaming terminal via a ticket reader to continue playing. For additional security, the cashless payment instrument, upon being issued to the player, may be given an additional predetermined short lifetime 2 hours for exampleduring which the cashier may accept redemption of the cashless payment instrument, after which authorized personnel may have to intervene to determine the reason for the expiry.

A step of providing the stored confirmed acknowledgment upon request may also be carried out.

A cashless payment method for a network connected gaming system, comprising the steps of: The STB features an embedded hardware true Random Number Generator to produce maximum entropy encryption keys, therefore providing maximum secure and fool-proof means to protect private data using government authorized encryption schemes.

Therefore, an additional dedicated data prjnter is highly desirable.

Therefore, non-PC literate users will feel more comfortable if the STB, is capable of printing a detailed ticket such as a lottery ticket or such as those produced at the supermarket that show the items purchased. As shown at Sthe STB control software retrieves the transaction committed in the non-volatile trusted cache during the user session. B H is a robust and compact ticket printer, suitable for parking facilities, public transports, ticketing offices, theme parks, healthcare services.

The present invention provides for the saving in the trusted cache of all the data necessary to describe the context of the transaction at that particular instant, including the state number itself.

We invented the thermal ticket printer

The transaction may then end at S Those of skill in this art will recognize other alternative embodiments and all such embodiments are deemed to fall within the scope of the present invention.

If it is determined step in Showever, that the last critical state saved shows that a remote server session is incomplete, the saved state information may be retrieved from the trusted cache and the transaction committed sent to the remote serveras shown at S Learn More – opens in a new window or tab Any international postage and import charges are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc.


Apparatus and method for optimizing wireless financial transactions.

If the security number of the presented ticket is within the range delimited by the security numbers of the before ticket and the after ticket, then there is a high confidence that the ticket is genuine and the payment may cyberfiew authorized.

According to the present invention, the user need only be involved during the user session S -Swhich may take only a few seconds or even less if bar-coded or machine readable items are scanned by the barcode for example reader The method of claim 8, further comprising the step of re-sending the copy of the user transaction stored in the non-volatile memory to the remote server upon failure to receive the confirmed acknowledgment from the remote server.

Alternatively, the player may go to a cashier who may re-activate the ticket in a similar fashion as would the re-activation station. The method may also include a step of re-sending the copy of the user transaction stored in cybervew non-volatile memory to the remote server upon failure to receive the confirmed acknowledgment from the remote server. The security number may have been pre-printed on the edge of the cashless ticket or on the back of the cashless ticket when the cashless ticket blanks e.

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The packet may then be cybervieew through the network 3 including, for example, the Internet For example, the lifetime may be as short as 5 minutes for example, during which time a gaming terminal may accept the payment instrument. A method according to claim 15, wherein the player winning the jackpot or pressing the cash out button step results in having a cash-out ticket printed, and the ticket of the redeeming step is the cash-out ticket.

To draw from another example, STBs are beginning to offer Internet broadband to the entire home network, thereby potentially making everybody’s confidential information accessible to and available from the Internet. The printed ticket then must be presented to the cashier for cybdrview redemption.