Choose the desired music file with DRM 9. Press the or key to turn the page. All were supported by the device with the higher resolutions taking more time to render on screen. Play every song in the folder once 4. The tailored earphones of the AU adopt an extra-large 15 mm neodymium magnet Mylar speaker, which can perfectly reproduce the full range of sound, including powerful super bass and the clear high-pitched sound. If the product gets wet, do not turn it on.

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Battery ay840 will vary depending on temperature and usage. Unfortunately, that doesn’t get you very far as the buttons do different things in different modes.

Apacer AU840 Firmware v.00.0036

Push the power switch of player to the ON position Press and hold key for 3 seconds, Power is turned on. Correctly reinstall the driver again. The new AU features a 2. The product is hot Heat may be generated during recharging.

Having to use a piece of software is annoying and time consuming to begin with, but to make matters worse, the software is slow and in our experience, crashed quite often. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more.


Trademarks of other products mentioned in this user’s manual are owned by their respective companies or organizations. Player functions normally, but it quickly powers off automatically.

China, Europe, Japan and U. Do not disconnect the player while formatting, uploading or downloading, otherwise it may cause a program error When transferring files, do not turn the power off or restart this device.

Press the or key to turn the page. The Apacer Audio Steno AU isn’t the worst media player we have ever reviewed, but it certainly doesn’t compare with the higher end units au80 the market.

Select and organize files and folders in preparation for transfer to your MP4 player. It also can be used as portable digital photo frame to let user show all the cherish memories with friends anytime. Recharge the battery and turn the power on again. Play the first 10 seconds of every song Play Mode Order: Repeatedly play every song in the folder 5.

Apacer Audio Steno AU Photos – MP3 Players – MP3 & Portable Media Players – PC World Australia

So the user can create a shareable listening experience with others. Au84 is one function. The higher level has the higher recorded volume. FM Radio There are 2 sub-options for this setting: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Avoid using your player at high volume levels, as it may result in permanent hearing damage.


AU Free Download, service manual, user manual Apacer AU

If the product gets wet, do not turn it on. The radio recordings were accurate to the source material ay840 voice recordings were also quite good. There are several options: If you experience ringing in your ears while using the earphones, remove the earphones immediately and lower the volume. There are 4 sub-options: Safely remove the player from PC. As for surface treatment, mirror finishing is applied to the screen and leather finishing to the body.

Once it is in the ‘on’ position, the ‘play’ button needs to be held down for a few seconds to activate the device. Besides, the AU includes a powerful video decode engine and plays up to 20 frames appacer second. A-B Repeat Function 1.