Ranges of up to meters outdoors and meters indoors standard. After the hardware setup is complete, turn the RT on and wait about 30 seconds for the modem to initialize. NAT allows multiple users in your local network to access the Internet through a single public IP address the global or legal IP address assigned to you by your Internet service provider. Turn your modem on. The Internet addresses that are a source of malicious attacks are permanently blocked from accessing your network.

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However, due to growing importance of data security, it is recommended that you choose a suitable security protocol and configure the RT to use it. If Port Forwarding is defined for that port, the incoming traffic is redirected to a machine inside the local network that has only a local IP address. Choose the access point s you would like to include in the Mesh network by checking the corresponding box es. Data packets sent from the Internet to your global IP address arrive at a certain port of your modem.

Turn your modem on. I forgot the password I set to access the web interface. AirTies RT supports both encryption standards. AirTies Mesh Networks Technology that makes use of this WDS feature resolves problems such as loss of wireless signal or limited coverage area, often encountered in multiple-story or reinforced concrete buildings. Check the connection between the PC and the modem.


This will launch the web interface of your AirTies RT modem. Instead, call AirTies Technical Support. There are no user serviceable components inside. To add the devices that will be permitted to access the RT By using the Easy Setup CD with animated instructions, or, 2. Firewall A firewall is the primary method for keeping a computer secure from intruders. Do not turn the device on or off. The firewall on your PC may be preventing access to the modem.

AirTies RT-205

Make mode you have the latest driver updates for your wireless card. The download and upload totals are for all Internet traffic that goes through the RT You can skip this animation at any time and proceed with setup by clicking the Setup link in the upper right hand corner of the window.

A sequence of sireless instructions will guide you through the cabling of your RT modem. Try channels 1, 11 and It is recommended that all devices be assigned t the same SSID. A key with more digits is more secure. For each repeater select the MAC addresses of the other Repeaters that it will be directly communicating with via Mesh. Do not use with V AC.


Airties Rt mbps Wireless Adsl2+ 1 Port Modem Router Pstn/isdn – Dsl (PER)

Access control can be defined based on local IP or MAC address uniquely identifies the network adapter of the device. A wireless connection is established A wireless connection is established and data transfer is occurring.

Basic installation settings of your RT are now complete. The AirTies RT supports For a single IP address, enter the same value in the two boxes that define the range.

SPI monitors the protocol and packet addresses being received to determine if the information should be passed through the firewall to the connected computers. Plug the power adapter provided into the V wall outlet and the other end of the power cord to the RT modem.

NAT allows multiple users in your local network to access the Internet through a single public IP address the global or legal IP address assigned to you by your Internet assl2 provider. Reports monthly total download and upload amounts and current download rate.

The Warranty does not cover failure or damage as a result of not following the instructions in kodem manual.