What is this and how can this be corrected? DO NOT use media that is specially coated, synthetically reinforced, colored with surface treatment, or heavily textured. Calling For Technical Support Printer Memory Requirements Make sure that they are not laying flat. The Accel-a-writer 3 Series Printers Adjust the paper guides in the tray and make sure that the pointers on the guides are in the correct position.

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Connecting The Power Cord Please contact Technical Support to discuss the options available to correct this.

If the pickup rollers appear to be the cause, use some denatured alcohol to clean them. Check both ends to ensure each springs back.

Transfer Roller Cleaning The best tool for this is an Ethernet cross-over cable, a cable that connects two devices directly without the need for a hub or switch. If these values are entered manually instead of through DHCP then the DHCP setting on the printer must be turned off in order for the settings to apply. Replacing The Controller Board Panel n3 MEDIA for the media type on which you are printing.

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Xante Accel-a-Writer 3N

Adjust the paper guides in the tray and make sure that the pointers on the guides are in the correct position. We recommend you set a static IP address to avoid the problem.

FUSER is displayed when the temperature sensor inside the fuser does not read the correct temperature too high or too low. Printer Memory Requirements Controller Board Upgrades Installing Sodimm And Firmware Wrifer Check to see if the skew occurs from all trays or only one tray. Paper Cassette Feeder DHCP wwriter not be setup to assign addresses correctly which will reassign the IP address each time you restart your printer.

Xante Accel-a-Writer Accel-a-Writer 3N Manuals

Removing The Duplexer If not corrected — contact Technical Support. Table of contents Table Of Contents SCANNER is displayed when the laser unit is not level, a bad accell is detected by the sensor or the scanner motor has stopped moving. This technology corrects for inconsistent line lengths and skew and should allow you to get your line lengths under control.


This is caused when arcing occurs across the surface of the toner drum. If the problem is still occurring, the EP setting may need adjustment. DO NOT use media that is unusually thick, thin, wrinkled, torn, curled, creased, wet, damp, or damaged.

The toner cartridge also may be getting close to end of life; if so, replacing the toner cartridge should help wrtier resolve the issue. With X-ACT, you should be able to get these line lengths within plus or minus. Clearing Paper Jams Connecting To The Localtalk Port If not corrected — replace the fuser unit.

Printing On Custom Sized Media Packing The Printer Moving The Printer The problem is either a physical connection or configuration issue. Effect Of Consumables On Warranty The physical memory is displayed on your Startup Page.